Accounting Solutions

When you choose FTS Business Solutions as your Saskatoon bookkeeping and accounting team, you’ll feel confident about major financial decisions, be prepared for a low stress tax season, and never worry about facing a government audit.

Here’s what we can do to help:

New Business Set-Up

We set-up your business accounting systems, develop both administrative and business cycle processes and provide training and support for new administrative staff. We also offer a referral package with everything you need to get started, including lawyer, benefit’s provider, office supplies, printing and more.

Bookkeeping Processes

Choose from daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services. These services may include customer billings, data entry, bank and payables reconciliations and preparation of GST, PST and LCT returns.

Internal Interim Financial Reporting

We will prepare your interim internal financial statements comprising an income statement, balance sheet and where available, comparisons to budgets/forecasts. We will also complete a careful review of accounts receivable and payables, reconciliations, cash management processes and revenue and expense analysis.


Improve your budget with the development and facilitation of business periodic budgeting processes. This includes the review of historical trends, when information is available, combined with current and future market expectations.

Policy/Process Review

We review the organization’s documented policies and procedures and provide feedback on areas susceptible to risk and identify areas for improvement. Observation and evaluation of procedures may also be provided to ensure compliance to an organization’s documentation.


We take care of the calculation of employee pay cheques, source deductions, preparation of T4s, Records of Employment and maintenance of employee payroll records.


Preparation of required year-end documentation for an external accountant to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns.

Personal Taxes

Make your employees’ lives a little easier by having our team come on site and offering personal tax services. This service is by appointment only and a checklist and pricing structure will be provided in advance.